We connect patients, doctors, caretakers & families.
We monitor and turn data into actionable information.

We use our Wearables & 3rd party devices, like weight scales,
to detect what's wrong - we can even 'forewarn' you and your carers !

We collect, analyze and act on data. We alert everyone in your health circle and we'll share (relevant) information in case of incidents. Our Health Decision Support Platform uses the latest in workflows and rules; allowing medical experts to deliver new care support systems.

Enterprise software supporting millions of sensors, users and devices - powered by spreadsheets, the new 'source' code !

Nanno van der Laan Ceo
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When elderly people fall, they need help. Fast !

Our wearable keeps on eye on people & we'll alert everyone who cares: professionals, families, neighbours. Wherever they go!

More and more vulnerable and older people are living on their own these days. Often they are at risk of falling and not been able to receive help fast enough. The ability to recover quickly and the cost of care increases almost exponentially.

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elderly people fall - our wearables detect

We reduce the time between the fall and the action(s) taken

Our FallAlert wearable, connects to the Cloud eCare platform, using smart rules to deliver decisions; minimizing the number of “false callouts” and maximizing truly personal, care.

We help to reduce the risks when people fall and limit the cost of care. Our solution notify caregivers immediately when an individual falls; providing information like fall severity and if they were able to get up. This means that the time between the fall and corrective action taken is dramatically reduced.

We monitor if there's any motion. Is she/he able to get up? We'll call him/her in case of doubt. No answer? We'll alert the health provider and/or family members! We'll be sharing relevant information, from the Person's Own Dossier; instantly. Fully automated. All within the shortest time possible !

The system records all events in a centralised database and communicates via a number of communication protocols such as GSM and LoRa.

The FallAlert casing measures approx 35x35x16 mm.
Battery duration varies from 3 to 7 days, depending on usage.
Battery charge time 1 hour - using a micro USB connector.

smart wearable detects elderly falling

Worried about your wellbeing? Heart, stress, burnout ?

Our wearable monitors heart, stamina, stress, emotions and more.

Our goal is to prevent [elderly] from getting injured/medical accidents from happening. Our HealthMonitor wearable assesses and monitors people's health and provides advice/action on what the person should do, how to stay well. By preventing [elderly] people from them from getting injured, which might lead to them being hospitalized, we're able to save on overall [health] costs.

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tablet use in healthcare

Monitoring your wellbeing; our wearable & decision support system 'forewarns' you

Our wearable has a 'monitor me' button, when this is pressed, it'll connect to the Health Decision Support Platform, transmitting heart related data [HRV]. This data is analyzed by powerful algorithms as it provides valuable information about a person's wellbeing. When it detects something might be wrong, it will notify carers and family members with an advice. When it's necessary it will share all the information, the analyzed results, patient information and the decisions, with the relevant people.

An extensive set of rules with information from the Patient's Own Dossier are used for decision making: an automated action or advice to a person to act. The Health Decision Support Platform generates, on-the-fly, a medical report and shares this with care providers (or all in the health circle).

It would be inaccurate to claim that our wearables & smart, cognitive, IT can 'prevent' people from getting sick or injured, but it's fair to claim that we can detect anomalies in peoples' health - such as

  • Overall wellbeing: indication of heart rate disturbances and autonomic nervous system [ANS]
  • Stamina
  • Emotional state: reflects level of unconscious emotions as positive as well as a negative
  • Heart age: as Heart Age improves (becomes younger), it shows users the extent of their health and fitness improvement from lifestyle choices
  • Stress level: physical, mental, or emotional factors cause bodily or mental tension. Monitoring the Stress level helps to manage work/rest schedule and avoid burn out.
  • Heart rate disturbance: monitoring irregularities in heart beats, frequency and sequence in excitation and contraction of heart. An irregular heart rhythm comes in many forms and shapes and some can be dangerous others may also indicate reduced ability to exercise
  • Sleepiness/fatigue: being able to prevent [car & truck] falling sleep
health reporting

Whereever you are, our wearable keeps an eye on you, without the need for a smart phone!

Fall detection, personal alarm and being able to 'forewarn' you when your wellbeing deteriorates

Meet a need class of technology; we provide our own wearables which are connected to our 'open' platform - a platform that connect other devices which can provide other data; which allows better monitoring & diagnosis and thus better care. Our platform is a state-of-the-art solution aimed at [medical] specialists looking to create better diagnosis. A pltform that caters for > 95% need of IT professionals - wihtout the need for developers!

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kid falling off

We detect when you fall, we can monitor your wellbeing, you can send out alerts.

We're able to detect when you fall. We can detect when you're unable to get up. When the wearable 'senses' that something might be wrong, it'll send data to our platform, which will analyze it and see how 'serious' the situation is. When it 'thinks' something is wrong, it'll alert and share information - so caretakers can monitor what's happening - and thus make better decisions.

shown is the wearable version 4


Your Data !

Person's Own Dossier [POD] - sharing controlled by you

It still happens today; information about you, your relatives, is not (digitally) available; and when it is - it could lack historical or other relevant information. This is why we collect data for you, in your POD. It's part of our vision of the future, a concept and a solution that will help families and professional carers to record and share information. Information that could be vital in case something happens.

The Person's Own Dossier [POD] features:

- templates and share generated documents with particular people;

- access control to your data; either the whole 'case' or specific segments;

- dynamic user access; real-time notifications can be sent to you and your response decides what is shared

- smart [system] access: when something's really wrong, the system 'knows' and will decide to share [with your caretaker].

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clever home

In your Own Dossier ALL relevant data can be recorded.

Medical & non-medical data, such as fitness data: weight, energy levels, etc

The POD is yours; for you and your family. It contains personal and relevant information, which helps treatment and, in the near future also preventive care. Information will be shared with medical experts - and which information is shared and the format (data, PDF) depends on the emergency

The POD is popluated by the IoT: devices: simply connect a device, like a weight scale or blood pressure meter, and data will be captured/stored. It also features manual data entry - and we'll be releasing a powerful feature dramatically simplifying adding data later this year!

Your POD will also ‘grow’ over time, when relevant information becomes available; information that can play a role in your (future) health. We'll ensure that this information can be added. Note that your POD is not a replacement of the data kept in Electronic Medical Records; instead it’s an extension to your EMR; but it’s yours only. You control it and you decide with whom to share this data (of course you’ll always share this with your doctor in case of an incident).


"Smarter Healthcare solutions" are (co-)build by medical experts.

Our Health Decision Support Platform: collects, analyzes and shares measurements from wearables, medical & consumer devices and patient data.

The Health DSS monitors patients, wherever they are: at a carehome, their own home or when they're on the move! Our goal is to improve the quality of lives, reducing medical risks. We provide a solution that does this in smart, non-intrunsive, [wearable] way. Easy to set-up & operate!
It allows patients, and their caretakers, to add data themselves; thus helping care providers to better understand what goes on. It reduces risks and it lowers (personnel) costs.

Patients experience better care, care providers have better control and insurance companies gain better insights without doing extra work; it has all been automated.
Out-of-the-box support for workflows, decision support, (ad-hoc) sharing, case management, API, ESB, Triplestore database, etc,etc

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We connect IoT devices for real-time monitoring; with smart rules & flexible workflows that support any process !

Informing patients' family and caretakers in case of incidents can be time consuming. The same is true for the real-time alerts to medical specialists. Our platform is the 'hinge' to support the entire medical 'information and logistics' chain.

Deploy our Health Decision Support Platform on Amazon, Google, IBM or your own servers. With one of the best rules engines in the world and support for agile workflows - with the latest databases - it'll boost your organization's productivity in wyas you've never experienced before!. A case management solution - fulfilling all requirements for auditability. Secure, scalable and high-performance are guaranteerd out-of-the-box.

Medical experts are "knowledge workers"; they maintain rules & workflows

Imagine, doing it yourself, instead of instructing a developer to control your mainstream IT!. We bring to Health a superfluous IT concept for knowledge workers, with tools that turn spreadsheet rules into executable programs! This is "business IT" at its best; it lessens the burden on IT developers and shortens delivery of insurace IT. No need to look for outside "disruption" - our technology facilitates your disruption process turning insurance expertise into rules which are turned into prorgrams without writing one line of code.
We make IoT simple; less costs & saving time. Our solution provides specific 'sensor' / loT interfaces & facilities to create your own central DB.

Harmony cloud apps

Startups looking for a wearable, a cloud platform, mobile apps.

Our wearable hardware, connectivity & decision support platforms and mobile apps, speed-up your "go-to-market" & reduce costs dramatically

We've done it all; so why not benefit from our solutions? It hlps you beat the competition. We provide a full service package so you can focus on developing your product. With our solutions you get things done in less than half the time, with significantly lower costs. We guarantee performance, scalability, security and flexibility.

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Join us to create a connected world

Hardware (sensor) vendors and app builders that want smart, affordable, software to make the difference

Simple connectivity does not make a device smarter than competing devices. A smart, connected sensor creates additional value when intelligence is provided from historic data & other connected devices. It helps to beat the competition. Create and deploy your own cloud solutions using our software development tools and run-time platforms. In terms of ease-of-use, scalability, performance, versability, security and ROI, it'll be very hard, if not impossible, to find a solution that scores as high as ours.

We provide add-ons for IoT devices, software development tools, connectivity/integration, platform, database, etc. Out-of-the-box.Our specialists help you create compelling solutions; or we can do this for you: fixed terms is how we work!

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