We're an enterprise IT software company;
specializing in IoT and 'eCare' solutions

We offer (remote) monitoring solutions, both the hardware, via our partners, and the software. Our focus is on patients with chronicle diseases, such as epilepsy, and vulnerable people, such as 'elderly' people.

Early on, our focus has been the Internet of Things [IoT], we have the specialism to add additional softeware to IoT devices. Using state-of-the-art technologies such as distributed databases, parallel processing and in-memory transactional datasources, we're able to process and distil huge volumes of data, applying complex rules and workflows, turning data into actionable (versus visual, interpretable,) information.

We turn technolgies into innovative, open market place, solutions. We deliver on our vision of integrated, yet loosely coupled, solutions of software development tools, a run-time platform and standard solutions. Our solutions and market place is for sensor vendors, medical professionals and care-providers, insurers, patients and families, to work and 'live' together.

In our core Tech Team are five specialists;
each with our own expertise / skills:
back-end/database, IoT/Java, BI/BigData, Mobile/UX and process engineering.

We've mastered to lower technical complexity; resulting in being able to define, not code, rules; especially business logic using Decision Tables in the easiest thinkable manner. Logic, including workflow and UI presentation logic is maintainable using a simple, non-coded, spreadsheet format. We're working to 'disbribute' logic to IoT devices; being able to control logic from one central point. BigData allows us to capture massive amounts of data.
Our vision on IT development is to lower the threshold (qualifications) for persons to create (complex) IoT systems; we call this 'configuration over coding'.

We're 112Motion.com, IT innovators, cloud specialists and 'communicators'; happy to share our expertise & lessons-learned, with hardware and software vendors, organizations, commnunities, partners and persons.