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112Motion's mission is to provide truly personalized solutions addressing the needs of the people that face the risk [of falling] and the people & organizations that help them to avoid this risk. The CareWatch [wearable] is a prime example of a new generation of personal healthcare solutions aimed at prevention.

The CareWatch is a multi-function device supporting fall detection, a personal alarm as well as monitoring a person’s wellbeing.  The CareWatch addresses the needs of tomorrow’s (pre-)elderly; it helps to prevent the decline of essential body functions which might result in falling; it does this by offering personal advice - wherever possible in motivational messages to the wearer.

The CareWatch is unique; first and foremost, it’s a stylish wrist-worn, watch-like, wearable that provides the ability to monitor a person’s wellbeing, wherever they are in the world - without the need for a [mobile] phone. Furthermore, it provides the means to facilitate the communication between the Care provider and the CareWatch wearer.

Fall prevention requires a large range of solutions; each providing data which, combined, facilitates truly personal advice, with actions that people should take; to stay healthy - or minimize their risks. We call this self-activated prevention; it’s about motivating people to act. The CareWatch is the cornerstone of a new generation of assisted technologies which allows caregivers to be truly pro-active in a very cost-efficient way. Caregivers can send messages to the CareWatch; such as alerts, notifications or call to actions.

The CareWatch connects to the Health Decision Support Platform which allows caregivers & medical specialist to solve their digital challenges. The platform provides care & personal rules, with workflows to cater for any individual, personalized, action, or even treatment/health plans and is a case management solution that ‘logs’ every step, every decision, all the data involved, over the lifetime of all its users. It provides very powerful features for sharing and collaborating. In short, it enables care to be organized around the individual.


The health benefits of higher levels and greater frequency of physical activity are well documented to lead to reduced risk and improved health. Check out this research paper by Lis Boulton, Maria Horne and Chris Todd.

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This article (blog) appeared in The Journal of mHealth (October 2017)

Posted in CareWatch, Wearables on Oct 31, 2017