Computable, the leading ICT publication magazine in The Netherlands, organizes each year the "startup of the year" competition.

112Motion nominated for startup of the year !

We're one of the [10] nominees in the category ICT with our platform for health sensors and wearables that monitor the health of people (patients). The collected data is saved in a database - allowing the user to control the sharing of his/her data: with doctors, their own family or professional caretakers.

Our Smart Healthcare solution allows all the people that care for, or care about, to react quicly when an incident, such as a fall, occurs. In addition to this, doctors (GPs) can take preventive actions if the data indicates that something might be wrong. An integrated part of the solution is our own FallAlert wearable - which provides superb information - and as such we're making the next step in 'remote monitoring'.

Jury verdict

The jury is impressed with our concept which focusses on the future of healthcare. It's challenging for us to compete with large corporations such as Philps - which will be able , due to their size, scale faster and create more impact. However the jury believes that by chosing the right partnerships 112Motion has a lot of potential for growth.

Nanno van der Laan's reaction

"Happy that despite the absence of visuals and the actual product we convinced the jury in a 2-minute pitch. We don't have a 'simple' solution-for-one-problem; instead it's a platform with smart software, waerable hardware, our own and the opt-in to connect any other health related sensor - whether an applicance or a wearable. The jury clearly understands our added value and sees that we have a very scalable and international, businessmodel.

I want to single out the jury's team appraisal - it's quite an achievement to move from idea to launch in 9 months with hardware (FallAlert wearable), advanced software (IoT connectivity, business rules & decision support software, notifications supported by workflows and data visualitzation shared in real-time!  I'm proud that I am one presenting this on behalf of the team - and happy about this nomination for best startup of 2016. Earlier this year we were happy, and successful, with IBM Global Innovation Tournament. Would be nice if we could enjoy similar results from the Computable Awards 2016 event. "

[Dutch language] article on Computable: click here


Posted in Decision support platform, IoT, Wearables on May 11, 2016