The FallAlert wearable colours

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Silver, green, blue (black considered)

On 15 September, at the Dutch NRC live HealthTech event we unveiled the design of  the FallAlert wearable'today 27 September 2016, we're proud to announce that the 1st units will be produced by end of October and we will present the wearables at the Medica event in Dusseldorf, Germany, where we have a booth for 4 days (November 14-17)

The FallAlert detects when a person falls and monitors the subsequent [non-]movements after a fall. It does this supported by a number of sensors; which means we can better monitor what happens when a person falls.


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By mid-november we'll be able to share with you what the definitive collection will be ... we'll be market testing the demand for the colors listed below.

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About our testing phases

We' started Beta testing the V1 version of our FallAlert wearable on the 22nd of February; when the wearables had their debut @ 4YFN/Mobile World Congres in Barcelona 22-25 February.  It was a test product, test sensors, test algorithms, and we decided early on not to release the V1. We also used to V1 to demo & get feedback from our partners - we interviewed senior citizens and asked what doctors would like to see in our device.

The V2 was released with additional sensors; meaning we can better monitor what happens when somethings happening, such in the case when a person falls and is not able to get-up, which might result in a serious situation, especially when it's an outdoors fall. There's a lot of complex logic involved, both on the device itself as well on the central server. Our central server performs all the checking, alerting and information sharing and we use the V1 device to "feed" data into the server. As such, we gain significant feedback which we use to improve our new version.

Wearable features:

  1. GSM connection (IoT protocol =  mqtt) 
  2. Accelerometer/gyroscope
  3. Optical Heart Rate sensor  
  4. [Body] Temperature
  5. Panic/alert button (and reset button) Pressing panic results in remote monitoring 
  6. BLE (Bluetiooth Low Energy)
  7. Interchangeable straps
  8. Private labelling option at additional cost

Battery specification

duration 5 - 7 days.

charge time less than 2 hours.


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Connected to a powerful platform .. a fall, or press for help, 

triggers a workflow, starts & shares real-time monitoring

Based on the wearer's settings & their history, actions are automatically 'triggered' when a fall is detected. Results are displayed and shared on a data visualization dashboard and notifications are sent (by email, by sms/text message and/or by workflow alert) to every carer. We've automated all human interaction, thus saving time and increasing the accuracy of the actions that need to be taken.

Wearables availability: december 2016 / early 2017

The FallAlert will be available in limited quantities by December 2016 when we'll be shipping our first batch to our (international) partners. This limited collection will allow them to evaluate the product, fine-tune the personalized rules and recommend changes for the final version of our FallAlert wearable. General availability will be by Q1 2017. The exact dates will be made known to prospective by customers upon ordering the product. 

This posting will be regularly updated; updates will be communicated via LinkedIn and Twitter  ... Keep checking your social media channes or follow me !


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