eHealth monitoring solutions for patients with chronicle diseases and vulnerable people

 We provide hardware and software which monitors patients with chronicle diseases, such as epilepsy and asthma, and vulnerable people, such as 'elderly' citizens.  We're an IoT [Internet of Things] specialist, connecting sensors (wearables) to business applications. By automating this information flow from patient to care providers, we avoid manual input - without human intervention we can decide and alert in seconds when something serious happens. Our solution process and distil huge volumes of data, applying complex rules and workflows to turn data into actionable (versus visual, interpretable,) information.

Our solution is an innovative, open market place solution – compromising of software tools, run-time platform and standard solutions for digital care / eHealth. It brings together sensor vendors, medical professionals and care-providers, insurers, patients and families, to simply use or implement new IT solutions

We'll be 'live' by August 2016

In September 2015 we started working on our products. As of December our website is live and we're well on our way into developing and [patient]   testing our solutions. We'll have our 1st solutions readily available by July 2016. We'll gradually announce new products and new features. We'll keep you updated, providing regular updates via LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Our blog will be updated at least once a month.

Business context

Technology can play a crucial role in the life of vulnerable people; we sincerely believe that patient & elderly care can dramatically improve through process innovation as well as taking advantage of technological innovations. It's necessary to shift the barriers in the “organized information society”, from (large) institutionalized organizations to patients. Processes must be re-engineered, not by IT consultants, but by innovative start-ups; these will drive change; patients can force change !
Most IT solutions today are still designed with a mindset, and an IT concept, that was popular decades ago; but in today’s world much better technologies and concepts can be put to use. A customer/patient-centric approach should be initiated by the patient; they control their solution(s) they share their data. This should then be ‘injected’ into the traditional medical practices.   

Our solutions

Together with [wearable] partners we deliver genuine intelligent ‘patient 1st’, customer care solutions, monitoring health; providing advice and alerting & sharing information with caretakers in case of incidents.  Our technology is a ‘middle-layer’; tools and a platform providing real-time monitoring, decision support  and JIT (Just-In-Time) information sharing with doctors, family and other relevant stakeholders in the  health ‘circle’. 

Posted in IoT, Wearables on Nov 23, 2015