The IBM Global Innovation Tournament challenges  startups to start building the future of IT, using the Internet of Things and mobile computing. 

We've won in the category Smarter Healthcare in Amsterdam

The Tournament is organized by IBM, partnering with 4YFN and four global telecommunications companies: AT&T, KPN, Rogers Communications, and Vodafone. 

Smarter healthcare

We presented our view on the future of person-oriented care with solutions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare system. Our goal is to ultimately empower patients by improving their experience and quality of life! With continuous advancements like remote monitoring and self-care engagement, we've demonstrated how we take advantage of, the almost endless, opportunities for smarter care !

We were at the Grand Finale in Barcelona  from 22-24 February 2016.

Click for Handouts of Nanno's presentation

See Nanno's pitch [YouTube]

KPN's press releases:  Dutch and English

Our own press release in Dutch only (courtesy of Lubbers en de Jong)  - the publication of the article on zorgvisie (Dutch)

Video IBM demo day in Amsterdam (IBM website)

Sharing an overview of our solutions - as presented to the judges and our fellow competitors ....

Posted on Jan 27, 2016